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Soul Clean Box x 4 get 2 Free!
Soul Clean Box x 4 get 2 Free!
Soul Clean Box x 4 get 2 Free!
Soul Clean Box x 4 get 2 Free!

Soul Clean Box x 4 get 2 Free!

Soul Garage

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Tired of paying big bucks to clean your wheels and disappointed with the results?

Then you need to invest in Soul Clean! Our special formulation is designed to remove brake dust and iron contamination from your wheels. It’s thick formulation allows for superior application and gives you more cleaning power for your money.

Take your weekends back with Soul Clean!

Box Contents

6 x Soul Clean 500ml
1 x Mix Bottle 250ml
1 x Extra Spray Nozzle
1 x Material Data Safety Sheet

Why choose Soul Clean?

● Active ingredient is 100% Biodegradable
● Unique technology sets it apart from regular wheel cleaners
● PH Neutral, means its’ safe on wheels and painted surfaces
● Low Foaming for better coverage and quick / easy application
● 3 times more wheel washes per bottle compared to similar imported products.
● Colour coding during stages of reaction with contaminants.
● Can also be used for decontamination of vehicle body panels.



It is recommended to only clean one or two wheels at a time.

  1. Test product on small hidden spot to ensure compatibility, prior to application. No liability will be accepted.

  2. Ensure you are in a well ventilated area prior to applying product.

  3. Adjust nozzle to the fine spray position.

  4. Spray evenly on the cool, dry wheel.

  5. Leave on for approx 2 to 3 minutes to allow Soul Clean to work, the colour will change from yellow to red, then to purple as the reaction occurs.

  6. If any areas have become dry and turned brown, reapply a quick coat to those areas; then follow the directions for removal.



  1. If product does not turn red, this indicates dirt, grease, tyre silicone or ceramic pad dust present. Reapply and agitate with soft brush if necessary.

  2. Rinse off with a sharp jet of water from hose or pressure washer.

  3. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Avoid breathing vapors, or eating and drinking while using product.


The mix bottle is provided to allow you to increase or decrease Soul Clean to suit your needs.


Colour Coded Reaction


    • No-reactive colour; if no change then no brake dust contaminants, or possibly ceramic pad dust.


    • reaction has started


    • Active stage of process


    • Final Stage. Rinse off just before next step.


    • The reaction has started reversing. A quick spray on BROWN spots with Soul Clean before rinsing off will sort this.


  • Spray a small area to test for compatibility prior to use

  • Tarnishing will occur on older corroded clips and style wheel balancing weights.

  • Oxidation can occur on Zinc, Cadmium plated or other specific raw surfaces.

  • Do not use on rims that are old, in bad condition or damaged.

  • Oxidation stains can occur on driveways. To clean, simply hose off after application. However in a couple weeks regardless the stain will disappear


Safety Directions:

  1. Do not swallow.

  2. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

  3. May cause skin irritation.

  4. If skin or eye contact occurs, wash skin with soap and water, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.

  5. Keep out of reach of children.

For advice contact a doctor or the National Poisons Centre 0800 764 766