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Bike Wrapping

Here at our Soul Garage shop based in Auckland we offer a wide range of services to enable our clients to have the complete customised experience. From motorbike wrapping to chrome blackout, we've got it all!

Read through our info below and than fill in your details on your quote form to start the process of customising your vehicle today!


Bike wraps replicate paint while giving you the option to change out the colour at any time. Wraps give you the benefits of a paint finish and so much more!

Soul Garage only uses the highest quality vinyl and materials sourced from the best suppliers both locally and globally to ensure the best finish. If your after a new look for your vehicle we work with you to pick the best wrap for your needs or to design the custom wrap of your dreams; we also offer the option for a complete or partial design change.

Your bike will have a totally new and refreshed look with the added benefit of covering and protecting your vehicle's original paint work.

In the event of damage to a section of the vehicles wrap we can simply replace the damaged panel without having to replace the whole wrap.

Lead time for a full colour change wrap is 5 working days depending upon the complexity and size of the vehicle.

For custom work contact us to arrange a Design Consultation with our amazing team.


camo wrap, heat gun

Sheets of self-adhesive vinyl are applied to the body work of a vehicle, it is also known in the industry as motorbike wrapping or colour change wrap.

To enable the best finish, the paint work of the vehicle must be in good condition as a flat, firm surface is required for the adhesives to stick too!

This is a completely reversible process unlike vehicle painting. Combined with paint protection film in key areas it maintains the vehicles current paint finish and upon removal the original paint remains undamaged.




wrap colour selection

Soul Garage source our stock colours from the leading vinyl companies with hundreds of possible colour choices for your vehicle. With finished looks ranging from Matte, Gloss, Satin and Brushed Metal. A full sample range is available to view in our Workshop by appointment.

 Additionally we offer a custom printed wrap service. Clients can pick from a wide range of unique patterns or supply files themselves.



Custom Vinyl Stickers

Wanting Custom Vinyl Stickers?

Soul Garage has got it covered. We are a full service company that is able to design, vinyl cut, digitally print, and install - We do it all; from basic vinyl cut graphics to custom printed wraps.

camo bike wrap


Our vinyl suppliers list includes 3M, Avery Dennison and Hexis.

3M Hexis